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  • 10_Vintage Bikes

    How to give your bike a second life

    CZ 380 1969

    Luc Van Huffelen

    Yamaha WR 200 1993


    Side-car Maïco

    Dominique Tedeschi

    Honda CR 250 1990

    Dominique Tedeschi

    Suzuki RM 500 1982

    Vincent Hercot

    Husqvarna 500 CR 1982

    Michael Despontin

    Suzuki 250 RM 1982

    Nicolas Ancelin

    Suzuki RM 250 2007

    Laurent Arnaud

    Honda XR 400 1998

    Eric Duveillez

    HVA WR 250 1988

    Personal bike

    Suzuki RM 500 1982

    Vincent Hercot

    Suzuki RM 500 1982

    Vincent Hercot

    CZ 380 1969

    Luc Van Huffelen

    CZ 380 1969

    Luc Van Huffelen

    HVA WR 250 1987


    YAMAHA WR 200 1993

    Adrien Gian

    YAMAHA WR 200 1993

    Adrien Gian

    YAMAHA WR 200 1993



    Arnaud Lorent


    Arnaud Lorent


    Arnaud Lorent

    YAMAHA WR200 1993

    Personal bike

  • 11_Plastic Design

    A new challenge for art factory in 2015

    Asiawing 250 & 450 USA

    American people love it

    We met Asiawing Direction in Clermont-Ferrand during the official presentation of the Chinese bikes to the press in september 2014.

    The first contact was professional and warm at the same time.

    After the show, it was quickly clear that Art factory would be selected to give ideas about the evolution of Asiawing bikes.

    One week after, we went to Intermot in Cologne to meet the Asiawing staff again with our ideas. And we immediately understood that we were definitely becoming their design partner.

    Asiawing 250 & 450 China

    New shapes dedicated to Europe

    The first job we made end of 2014 was studied and managed with Symbio Design specialized in 3D execution. Our job concerned side tank panels and side panels. And it was a great success. It was so that the US distributor “Christini“ claimed he wanted to get the total exclusivity for his market alone...

    So, Asiawing asked us to go on again and come back with new projects for Europe. Here is the final result.

    Asiawing tank panel

    Sketches including first decoration

    Here is one of the first sketches we made including graphics and logo study.

    3D file

    3D file including panel decoration

    First mould dedicated to US market.

    As we said, this model was made

    for the US market very interested

    in our study.

    Sketches focused on details

    Fixing points

    Details of the study showing the process between China and Belgium. Great job.

    3d File

    Ready to be thrown to the moulding company in China

    At this stage, we are nearly at the end of the 3D job. After having been validated, the 3D file becomes a mould on which we brought small modifications in terms of fixing points that were considered as too light.

    Stickers study

    Made in China or not?

    Chinese products have always been treated as cheap products. Mainly because of their low prices. So, made in China motorcycles have a weak image in Europe confronted to KTM for example. We made a survey on this matter and we finally advise our client to go with a new way to name the bikes: LXI and NCI with the “I“ for Injection.


    Ready for the 2018 European rules

    Injection was introduced at the end of 2016.

    The new model was presented in Milan in November with The Delphi Injection System.


    2018 model

    After a long session concerning the model colors, it was decided with the European distributor to move from black to blue, more dynamic and more attractive.

    Here is a small serie dedicated

    to the 2017 ISDE in France.

    The bike receives a double color seat and stripes on the wheels to complete the original package.

    LXI Equipment

    Specially made for Asiawing owners

    We wanted to be absolutely complete in our offer. So we decided to work on merchandising items. Here is one of those. We also think about the driver.

    Canton Motor Show 2017

    First public presentation

    Booth, hostesses, decoration and our 450 LXI during the last Canton Motor Show. Proud to be there!

    Asiawing becomes AWR

    New AWR 250 NCI 2019

    French Asiawing distributor decided in 2018 to rename his bikes with three letters: AWR. Ridewithart was asked to create the new logo and its implementation on the bikes.


    A few things about us

    One address only


    Jean-Pierre Gilmart, Cortil Stiennon, 6 - 4217 Héron

    Tel: 0032 (0) 85 71 16 82 - Mobile: 0032 (0) 477 405 710

    Mail address: jp@ridewithart.com

    Blog: www.ridewithart.com


    5 departments

    > 6 departments dedicated to motorbike

    1. Graphic design

    2. Stickers design and printing

    3. Equipments design and manufacturing

    4. Plastic shapes design

    5. Sponsoring

    6. Clothes

    Key dates

    . June 2010: launch of Art factory

    . January 2011: first AMPL Fair

    . January 2012: first Brussels Auto & Moto Show

    . September 2013: partnership with Kenny Racing

    . February 2013: KTM & HVA license

    . September 2014: Asiawing partnership (China)

    . March 2015: Jopa partnership (Holland)

    . July 2015: World Enduro Championship in Saint-Hubert

    . January 2016: Ridewithart